Month: November 2017

Free high quality resources for independent artists

When you produce an art piece, video etc. chances are it may require more than one skill set, you probably expert in few areas but most of the time you gonna need free high quality contents. It’s very difficult to Find a reliable high quality resource for images, videos, stock footages etc on Internet, it’s somewhere in the crowd of low quality but free and high quality but pricey contents. If you are rich you can buy high quality content from Internet, there are lots of services available out there but if you are running on a low budget,...

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Hello World!

A new beginning! Hey everyone!, first of all, I apologize to all of you because I was missing for quite some time. The reason was my day job, home shifting, family issues etc. I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary details but just, to be honest, I was quite busy in my day job, doing meaningless work. so ultimately I decided to resign. Currently, I’m serving notice period which will be over soon. Meanwhile, I will be posting my future plans in the blog section....

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