Creating professional motion graphics and visual effects through open source and free software is the whole idea that pushed Thinking Penguin to be born.

Getting into motion graphics is not the same now as it used to be a few years ago. Paying a hefty price for acquiring software or evading the lawful route entirely were options that were majorly exercised by the professionals. High price was adverse for the professionals while evading lawful route to acquire software was detrimental for the software companies and both negatively affected the industry. But this is not anymore.

With free tutorials from some of the most proficient experts in the subject made available on social sites, the sunny side is up in the graphics world!

Sadly, still most of the software that we know off are expensive to own and out of reach of artists like us who want to have a career in the field and thus, a sizable portion of creative workforce goes into oblivion mostly because the path to victory is way too costly to invest. No wonder the industry is the loser this time too!

But there’s a way out. People like Richard Stallman started free software movement and many of us followed him soon. And today, there’s GNU Project and CreativeCommons – all thriving open source communities. This has resulted in coming of age of professional softwares like Blender, Gimp, Krita, Kdenlive, Blackmagic Fusion and a lot more, where all you’d need to invest is your talent.

Following the footsteps that are long gone obsolete is taking the industry backwards. There’s a new way, more powerful and definite, which will throw a whole new opening for all of us. Look up… look beyond and look back no more, try out this and you’ll realize that gone are the days when software used to be the deterrent to your dream and talent. Powerful software, freely available is the order of the day, if you are still not aware off.

Thinking Penguin is just a small step ahead among the many who have opened the door. Come, try out here, I guarantee, you’ll see the wonderland, which you never expected to see before!

Penguin is the symbol of LINUX. For us, this has turned into a symbol of freedom because LINUX has opened a whole new world for all of us where we could experiment and bring out new software and tutorials of such software. LINUX has indeed brought freedom to expression… freedom to creativity. And thus, my site is named THINKING PENGUIN – the joy of creating that is free and abundant…

Good luck!