Thinking Penguin Blender Intro

I’m working on a tutorial series on blender basics for my Hindi channel. I wanted something to create along the way so that students get a little bit more involvement in this series.

Do not expect too much from this project because I had to create something simple yet interesting. I am thinking about creating a special page for Blender Templates though, probably soon.


Some minor issues

Mainly it’s a simple logo animation using standard blender functions but I have used “Animation Nodes” addon to create colorful stripes in the background. I faced some really interesting problems in this project due to animation nodes. I am not 100% sure if this problem is caused by animation nodes or not but when it was on for animation render, blender used to crash. so I found an interesting way to solve this.

For colorful stripes moving along the surface of the geometry, I extracted an edge loop from the surface and converted into a curve. I used a cube object to create a simple stripe then added curve deformer to deform it along the path.

When I finished the project and start to render the last shot where colorful stripes enters into the scene, blender crashed. I have faced this problem in earlier blender scene files. The easiest way to solve this problem was to turn off the visibility of all objects generated by animation nodes but I didn’t solve the problem.

Next, I thought let’s bake the animation into keyframes, It didn’t work. Another way is to export all stripe objects into an Alembic file, import it back and turn off animation nodes execution. It worked but It changed the material properties because the color is being generated by an “Object Info” node using random output. I didn’t find any random seed value so I wasn’t happy with the results.



Finally, I found the solution in animation nodes instancer node setting, which is “Unlink instances from node” in the N panel under advanced node settings. Then I baked the animation into keyframes and it worked perfectly.

So you will find two version of “Final end shot” blend files, one with animation nodes and one without.


Let me know what do you think about this blender intro file.

Download Project: