In this course, you will learn how to create professional lower thirds with free version of Blackmagic Fusion 9.

This is a project-based course so it requires a basic understanding of fusion but even if you don’t have that you will get 1 hour of extensive training on basics of fusion to get you started.

This course is divided into 5 levels. We’ll start with simple shapes and animations then we’ll keep adding layer of complexity step by step.

when you finish level 5 you’ll have rock solid understanding of animation system in Blackmagic Fusion.

You will also learn how to create a library of lower thirds to use it as a template in future.

You will also learn how you can integrate Blackmagic Fusion and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve with ‘fusion connect’ feature.

  • Lectures: 16
  • Tutorial Length: 4 hours
  • Skill level: Beginner Level

What are the requirements?

  • Pc, Mac or Linux machine with Graphics card
  • The free version of Blackmagic Fusion 9
  • Basic knowledge of Blackmagic Fusion is optional

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Have a solid foundation of node-based compositing in Blackmagic Fusion 9
  • Create professional lower thirds with ease

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners who wants to learn motion graphics without spending money on expensive softwares and plugins
  • Independent artists who are running on a budget
  • Anyone who wants to learn or experience motion graphics from a different paradigm

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