AN broken edges solution (with hitches!)

This is a proposed solution for meshes generated from animation nodes which can be useful in many situations like L system. Currently, we use “Edge to Tube” node to generate a mesh for L system, we can see it has broken edges. This problem is especially visible if edges are curved.   instead of using ‘Edges to tube’ we can use skin modifier and use the ‘Edge Width’ float values to set the radius of mesh vertices. Currently, there is no node for that so we can use a script node to write a little bit of simple code. It would...

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Professional Lower Thirds with Blackmagic Fusion 9

In this course, you will learn how to create professional lower thirds with free version of Blackmagic Fusion 9. This is a project-based course so it requires a basic understanding of fusion but even if you don’t have that you will get 1 hour of extensive training on basics of fusion to get you started. This course is divided into 5 levels. We’ll start with simple shapes and animations then we’ll keep adding layer of complexity step by step. when you finish level 5 you’ll have rock solid understanding of animation system in Blackmagic Fusion. You will also learn...

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Speed Up Performance in Animation Nodes by Caching

  Speed Up Performance in Animation Nodes Animation nodes addon for blender is pretty powerful when it comes to creating interactive elements. Sometimes it gets messy and it hits your performance very badly, in that situation we could use a few tricks and caching feature to optimize the scene and gain a massive performance boost.   Turn off  “Alway” on checkbox This feature is on by default. If we’re working on something simple it makes sense but it becomes a massive drag once your node tree starts to grow and becoming complicated. Open you T panel, go to “Animation Nodes” settings...

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Callouts in Fusion

Learn how to create callouts in blackmagic fusion.
I’ve also talked about how to create stroke animations, ease in/ease out curve functions and simple tracking.

download the video clip from here :

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